Little trip to “Star Swing” in Ko-no


It’s my day off…. well everyday it’s my day off until the beginning of next year because my work starts at that time lol  So I took a little trip to Ko-no city in Osaka, there is a suspension bridge called “星のブランコ”(Star Swing). You can also enjoy hiking there.

I took a video so hope you all enjoy 🙂

This suspension bridge floating at a height of about 50m from the ground at the maximum point has a total length of about 280m and is the largest in Japan as “wooden floorboard humanitarian suspension bridge” done with wooden road surface.

It is surprising that there is such a splendid suspension bridge in the place of only one hour from the city center of Osaka, but it is a spectacle of 360 degrees looking from the middle of the bridge, even beyond imagination. Since it is a bridge that doesn’t shake so much, there is not much fear and feeling of floating and openness unique to suspension bridges can be fully enjoyed.

From the observation spot which climbed for about 15 minutes from the swing of the swing, you can see the panoramic view of the northeastern part of Osaka including the city area of Kyoto, and at the top “Yamabiko Square” you can also eat lunch. It is nice to have the entrance free with this.

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