Day trip to Koyasan(高野山)

So there was nothing I planed to do today and my mum asked me to come with her to Koyasan in Wakayama prefecture, it’s 2 hours driving from Kyoto. This time I took videos with my cheap smartphone but I put it on here anyway 🙂

When it comes to food, Koyasan is famous for Black sesame tofu, but me and mum found a place to eat where you only have ordinary Japanese dishes which you see at the beginning of the video….^^; BUT! in the end, we found it at a cafe place and we had sweets of black sesame tofu. Though I still wished we found this cafe earlier and had lunch there>< Here is where we had a good black sesame tofu, I highly recommend↓

角濱ごまとうふ総本舗(no English on this site)


History of Koyasan

Koyasan is one of the big sacred sites of Japanese Buddhism held by the beginning of the Heian period, the great saint born in Japan, Kobo Daishi.
Koumi Daishi · Kukai had a desire to build a true Dojo Nemoto Dojo in a remote mountain in the seclusion of the state, the peace of the world, and for the practitioner.
When that wish came true, Emperor Aza and Emperor Saga of the time AD 816 (Hirohito 7th year) gave this land to open the Shingon Dojin’s Nemoto Dojo.
This mountain spreading on the mountaintop of 1,000 kilometers above sea level is surrounded by the peaks of Inaba Ebaya outside Hachibaba in the basin of about 6 kilometers south and north and about 3 kilometers east and west, and features landscapes like lotus I am making it.
From around the late 10th century faith was born, and with the faith which makes Mt. Koya the Miroku Pure Land (Mirokujin) and the faith that makes Amida Pure Land (Ayamida Jido), Koyasan is the faith and respect of the common people Collected, and for more than a thousand years ago, there are a lot of people’s visits to the present.
In July 2004 (July 2004), it was registered as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site as the “Sacred Place and Pilgrimage Route of the Kii Mountains”, and many people from all over the world, as well as in Japan, have visited. In Michelin Travel Guide Japan version, Koyasan has won three stars and received the highest rating as an excellent sightseeing site.



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