4 Sad Facts About Working at Japanese Company “hierarchical society”

I just started to work at a Japanese company from January.


I once worked for Japanese company for 3 years before I lived in Europe. It was a  bit unusual company so I didn’t really feel this typical atmosphere of Japanese company. The atmosphere I mean is “hierarchical society” which is not my thing forever. I know this isn’t only Japanese thing but still I reckon it’s quite deeply ingrained.

1. You should always use honorific expression for everybody

In English, I don’t really need to care about this at all, or I just don’t know how to use English in respecting form lol There are of course who is so bossy and mean to you but you still have to respect them using this honorific expression.

2. The boss/seniors are so free to scream at you

It’s also something I don’t understand.
If you did something wrong, they simply get mad and scream at you. I understand if it’s with love if you know what I mean. But it only seems to me that they’re being emotional and saying whatever they wanna say. Which means they can’t even have a proper and calm conversation. They can simply talk and teach what they really wanna tell. Just because they enjoy a high status, they become emotional whenever they want.

3. Suicide

In the end, people suicide after all. If I was them, I simply say goodbye and move onto the next job but maybe it’s a typical stereotype  of Japanese people who leaves their feeling stressed until the dead end. I would never do that. I simply think I didn’t fit to the company or it was a wrong industry I shouldn’t work in.

4. Karoushi

Derivation of this word Karoushi (die from too much work) is Japanese 過労死.
How typical it is as well. What kind of stupid society make worker die because of too much work? I feel so ashamed every time I hear this word, so much ashamed and pathetic as a Japanese. Anyways, I stop here because it’s gonna take forever to finish this.


So far I’m doing good at work. I just picked up some negative side of Japanese  “hierarchical society” for today. I will keep updating !




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