The encounter of Fumio Sasaki

Fumio Sasaki is a Japanese minimalist. He used to work for a publisher in Tokyo but currently, he lives in Kyoto where I also live. He used to be a maximalist(contrary of minimalist) but he started to reduce things, now he owns almost nothing.


I never really heard of this word “minimalist” or “minimalism” until I got to know him. He was on a Japanese TV show, showing his empty room and everybody was kinda making a fool of it.


Since I started camping, I also started reducing stuff because when you go camping, basic is to make everything compatible. So I got used to or feel so good to have something which is small but it does well. So I never buy big furniture in my room that is not foldable. I specifically recommend snow peak product:) it’s all well-made Japanese quality camping gear, also perfect to use inside a house. So I was naturally a minimalist since then and I was looking for someone who I can identify with. There he was.

So I bought his book to make sure he really has the same thoughts. The book was so cheap on amazon because it was second hand.


Goodbye Things – Fumio Sasaki

As I read it all, my heart was full of happiness to know there is someone who feels the same way I do. But it’s just one of the “ism” so we should use it well 😉


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