Things I Noticed While Reducing My Stuff – Confliction comes from things

I’m still getting rid of things I don’t need. Things I thought I would need it in the future, which actually I would never use it. There are plenty of them.

Use of free-market app


There are of course some valuable things I shouldn’t just throw it away. So I’m saving quite a lot of money from it.
There is an application on the phone called Merukari which is nowadays the most popular free-market app.  Link below ↓

Anyway I really appreciate this app because I can hand over things I don’t need to someone who want/need it. It’s pretty ecological. I guess it’s only popular in Japan so far.

Confliction starts from things

I personally reckon that we can be free from angry feelings or any conflictions if we let go of things.

Even right now when I sell stuff on the app, I put a price and see some comments like “it’s too expensive” or “This thing is crap!” … from these mindless people. They could just ignore and leave my page right, and at that moment I’m already feeling a bit mad. I get tired.

In another case, I once sold my SONY walkman to a stranger because I listen to music on my phone now. And few days later when he received it, he said it’s broken because he could hear some noises. After returning the player, I checked it and the buttons were also broken but I hear super clear sound from earphones and I was sure the buttons were not broken.

Details are not important, what I mean is “At this point, I was already wasting a precious time I had” These things didn’t happen without things.

Well I’m not gonna be bothered anymore once I’m done with reducing all stuff I don’t need.

The key to reduce stuff in my opinion is to ask yourself “Do I need it now?”
One more key is to think deeply if it’s something you want to have or need to have.
Minimalism is good, everything becomes so simple. You start thinking simple once you only have few things which is the most important to you. Humans cannot manage that many stuff, since we are the same spec since 50,000 years ago.



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