1 Reason Why You Should Change Your Job

Not sure if it’s world common sense but in Japan it’s so typical to hear people saying putting efforts one by one slowly everyday is the shortest-cut to success. There are people that it works with. But I’m sure I’m not one of them.

I cannot put efforts unless I have reasons, or I feel obligated to, or feel passion. But I cannot do that step by step, I can say out loud “I do not like putting efforts step by step” I basically don’t like this word “step by step”

Only when it comes to something I love about, no, something I go crazy about. Remember when you are a kid, doesn’t matter boy or girl but especially boys! We used to run around everywhere like a monkey, catching insects and playing a game of tag… Video games for example in my generation, I was crazy about it with my friends. I couldn’t sleep because I was too excited to play!

This is what I talk about, when it comes to a job we get. We all should be excited as this on the train to work! I get on a train everyday to work and no businessmen seems to be excited. They look dead sleeping, and it’s the morning.
You see a video or picture of morning rush in Tokyo maybe, it’s exactly that. It’s not that bad here in Kyoto but it’s crowded by the way.

BACK to the topic,

If the one get a job and not doing it well or having a hard time. Yeah sure it takes time to get used to it. But I wonder if they are enjoying it somewhere inside of them.

It is also typical to hear in Japan that


“if you cannot stay at the same company for 3 years, they are total useless”


Who on Earth said that?


These people who speaks of difficulty or efforts, has a lack of talent.

and these people speak to others only based on their experience. They do not have right to judge others or they are the ones who’s useless, only growing in age and sit on a chair like a fake boss.

I would say you do have a talent on something else. I would say it’s ok if you wanna quit a week later if you really thought it’s just not your thing.  We gotta try so many different thing while we are young to know ourselves. What we can do and cannot do. When you get a good job, that’s when you feel like “umm?? Can’t you even do this?” when you see your senior co-worker…….. because you naturally are good at it. There should be at least one thing.

About myself, I know I’m capable of talking to people and get along. Also international communication with English, I like languages because I like talking to people, so if I know more languages, there are more people I will be able to talk to deeply.

I would say I’m doing the half of what I’m good at, the other half is something I don’t like… which I need to get along with bosses and co-worker who is bossy but not a boss.
Well I’ll handle.

One reason why you should change your job if you don’t like it   –   Because you’re not good at it, give up and move on. There is a job you don’t even care if you are tired or paid bad. Because it give you happiness anyway.

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