2 Quotes You Should Know to Be a Minimalist ~Fight Club~


There are nothing on the wall in my room but there is only one picture I put…


As if he’s pointing at a person who’s standing in front of it.


“Things you own end up owing you”

It’s what Tyler Durden said in the movie Fight Club.
It was a shocking to meet this masterpiece at the first time when I was at junior high school. I watched it because Brad Pitt was my ideal so why not.  Then I got addicted to this movie since then.

But at that time, I was actually not a minimalist. I was just watching it because it was so cool and has deep message. I didn’t connect it to minimalism until recent.  I do think it’s true. Things are sometime just a illusion, you don’t even notice it’s sucking up your time and energy.


I really never put anything on my wall, I mean pictures like this. Or it’s more like I never kept it on the wall for so long. It’s rare for me to look at it and feel freshness all the time. Even without this picture I’m a minimalist but this is just perfect, I like Brad Pitt and the quote is awesome. So it’s worth keeping in on my wall.


If we talk about Fight Club, there is another cool quote…


“It’s only after you lose everything, you are free to do anything”


Not sure if all words are exactly the same… I think this is also a famous one that many people are aware of.  So minimalism and making sense. Well you don’t need to lose everything as the movie but you can reduce things(lose them) to be free. If these things are something you really need, they’re gonna come back to you naturally anyway.

Moreover, you can appreciate things you have once you lose them. Well it’s typical and everybody knows. But it’s different to know it or actually lose it. You need to experience in order to feel it unless you are a super genius who can learn as if you feel it on your skin. It’s not only about things but someone important to you, I know you know what I mean.

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