Veganism & Minimalism


I recently found out that minimalism is so much related to veganism. It could be something that many people already noticed but I was a bit shocked or how should I say…. I was so much inspired.

Minimalism is to make everything minimum so that you waste less. You won’t waste time, money, stamina and so on. So why it’s related to veganism, it’s simply because you do not need to eat meat, and that what all vegans saying I suppose.

We do not need to eat meat, we eat it because we want it.

It explains everything.

Human being maybe used to hunt animal long time ago, wild animal hunt other animal but it’s to survive. They need to kill animal to survive otherwise they die. But we humans are not in that situation. Far from it, we have too many choices of food we eat. We simply should choose food which does not cause any suffers. It really makes sense to me.

There is a vegan guy I respect from UK, and he has his own youtube channel, check out.


Less is future

Less things make you better.
Less foods make you better.
Less killing makes the world peace.

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