14 Selected Things I Need to Have

Once I started to throw away a lot of things in order to become a minimalist.
I’m sure there will be something you cannot let go. Well you still need to think 100 times if you need it or not. After all, things you cannot let go are the things you really need.

Let me introduce my own stuff I need(could not let go).

Selected lists of things I need

minimalist, room

  1. Minimum clothes – I usually wear jeans and variety of shirts
  2. Bed –  I need to have a proper sleep
  3. Desk – some minimalists don’t have it but I personally need it to work
  4. Minimum tools of writing
  5. Backpack “OSPRAY Aether 60” –  My partner, travelling is my life
  6. Suitcase “samsonite” – My travelling partner
  7. One laptop – I want Macbook Air but I have DELL 😦
  8. Few video games – I once sold everything but I realized I need to have few of my selected ones, makes my life better
  9. Camping gears – I love camping. I cannot let it go and Japan is an Earthquake country so I can use them in case of emergency. I will write about camping in another blog.
  10. Vacuum Cleaner – I need to clean the room
  11. Heaters – I cannot stand cold
  12. Shredder – I’m using it to shredder papers with important information after scanning it. But it’s pretty big so I’m thinking to get rid of it.
  13. Mirror –  to see myself…. maybe I don’t need?
  14. AC – I need it in summer time


Travelling tools and camping gears are especially something I personally need because I love my hobbies.


Minimalism is not about reducing things as less as you can. But it’s about knowing what you really really need/ how many things you can manage.

It sounds easy. In order to do that, you need to start working on looking at all the stuff you have in your room or house. Maybe most of people have over hundreds of things and you don’t use them for years. Never think you will need it in the future, throw it away if you don’t need it NOW. If the thing you dumped is something you really need, it’ll naturally comes back to you as I got my video games back 🙂

There are still things I will have to get rid of, things I cannot just throw away because it’s valuable. I feel lighter and lighter as my things are still getting less and less. I work better and I sleep better… isn’t it strange? but I think it’s logic, you don’t need to be aware of things you own if you don’t even have them. The extra space you gained from reducing stuff, you can use it for another important thing for you.

I want to use more time for study, learning English still, Polish, French, Green tea and Veganism… I have too many things I need to learn.


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