Meeting Mr Fumio Sasaki

I attended a symposium called “Clean Up! Symposium” in Kyoto city today.
Why? because as I introduced a Japanese minimalist Fumio Sasaki in my blog, he was presenting there! So I was excited to be seeing him in real.

The number of participants was limited to up to 100 people, most of them were old people because it was mostly about old people getting rid of things before their death so that the rest of the family don’t need to take care of it.


Here he is.

He had an aura, I immediately notice his existence when I entered the room. He was presenting a similar thing with his talk in the US on a youtube video I posted on my blog.
He also gave us some new advice to let things go and it was about Merucarri lol I just talked about it in my blog and he just talked about it, how funny it is. But yes, Merucari is an awesome way of individual dealing.

I actually had to go before it ends so I left the place even though I wanted to stay. It was break time so it was perfect timing. Then I was so lucky to come across him one for one so I talked to him and shook hands and started to talk, we talked for 5 mins and he had to be back for the rest of the symposium. It was a nice talk. I wish I could take him to camp, he recently started going camping.

I asked him one question out of many I wanted to ask.

“What do you think about the connection between Minimalism and Veganism?”

His answer was not something I was expecting.

“I think It’s ok to eat an animal you killed by yourself”

Very interesting perspective.

He seemed to be thinking about it so maybe it’s not the answer he’s 100% sure but this is his opinion. He also said, “it’s impossible to avoid killing little insect on the street when you walk right?” It really made me think about it again, how to avoid killing completely.

I’d love to have a deeper conversation with him if it’s ever possible.


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