4 Typical Things About Japanese Salary Man’s Life


I just came back from work. It looks crowded isn’t it, well it was rather better than usual.
It’s been already 2 weeks since I started to work at a Japanese company. I think I’m doing fine, I’m used to work, used to this industry and co-workers.

By the way, I know I use a word “typical” so many times in my blog but I just cannot avoid using it lol Because Japanese society’s all bunch of old typical traditions. And these traditions in Japanese society is mostly old fashioned and inefficient. I can introduce some typical things about Japanese salary men below.


4 Typical Things About Japanese Salary Man’s Life

1. Getting on a crowded train with full of dead salary men

It’s a beautiful morning that I see sunlight coming in from the window on a train way to work and I feel so fresh every morning. But what I see is men with a dead face looking so tired, I wonder how they gonna manage their day, it’s the beginning. Why everyone looks not excited for the day?


2. Attitudinal boss

TYPICAL. Maybe it’s the same in another countries as well but I believe Japan is the worst. I also see that at our office, but not everyone. Some of bosses are really kind and nice or they don’t really say anything loud or scream at somebody.  Bossy bosses have a pride, always talking only with their shallow experience. So that they’re not even capable of convincing/making junior stuff understand deeply what they ‘re saying, also because it basically doesn’t even make sense. My workplace is rather peaceful.


3. Too much honorific expressions

This was what I was told few times already. Like where I should sit when we all get in the room, who’s first to serve or give my name cards and stuff… I can say it’s interesting. To know how to do business manners but it’s a bit tight for me personally, I really didn’t grew up in this.


4. Overtime without pay

Why would we work for nothing anyway. Companies called “Black company” force staff to work overtime and they do not pay. I wanna know if it’s also happening in another countries but it’s hard to imagine for me. Thinking logically this just doesn’t make sense. At my workplace, I just go home when it’s time and I’m done with my work. Of course I ask others if there is something I can help but they say no and keep working on their stuff until late.




Again, I think I got lucky to be at this company I’m working for. Not as lucky as the previous job but still the environment is pretty good. I like my co-workers and my work which is to help international students in Kyoto with accommodation. But for sure, I see these typical things at work every single times and I just be like…. ah yeah, this is Japan lol



Let’s we all enjoy our work!

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