Interesting Japanese Expression



This means “far from Japanese” or “unlike Japanese”

Let me give you some examples.



“You have a power that is far from Japanese”

“Your beautiful looking is far from Japanese”

“Your English skill is far from Japanese”



Well the last one is just simply true because Japanese do not speak English well at all.


Japanese often use this expression to mean something positive. But don’t you feel sooo weird? They are saying that is good when it’s far from Japanese themselves. They’re putting themselves down. I suddenly noticed about this recently that it’s weird. I didn’t notice because just everyone use it all the time.


I think this represents how Japanese people are not confident about themselves. The reason why they freak out in front of foreigners. Well it’s a little island so maybe they cannot help. I would say Japanese people are so contrary with Chinese people. So loud and say whatever they wanna say without embarrassment. That’s also a problem.


That’s why maybe I felt comfortable to talk to European people when they don’t really express much but they are so confident about themselves. It was balanced. I know it’s not everyone and it maybe depends on the country but I still can say I feel better to be surrounded by them to be honest.


There are many other weird Japanese expressions so I will introduce more later~


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