One Reason Why You Don’t Need to do Anything to be Happy

My dad used to tell me in old days that when he was a child, my grandma used to be patting on his head when he said he wants to be a baseball player. It’s a bit violent but it was the wisdom of average people.


”What on Earth are you saying? Keep your feet firmly on the ground!!”

His dream collapsed like a house of cards…lol


Old time in Japan, all parents were like that. They were poor and desperate to survive the day. Kids had on hope to have a dream. They all were living in the moment.

Now parents and teachers tell all kids to have a dream and put efforts for it. Study well and go to a better university and work for a bigger company. Losing the precious time for what they wanna do with their friends.


No longer honest poverty.

Passing of an era, morals change.


Or for example, people who dreams to be a comedian in Japan is also having a aim to be a rich like comedians on TV even though it’s not even true that comedians have a big revenue.  It’s all the same with models, actor, any sports athletes. Shallow dreams.

Doesn’t matter which era, these people who make their dream come true make it come true anyway.



“Honestly, poorly, beautifully.”


My favorite saying.


It’s ok that I don’t have much money or accomplish a huge thing in my life.  I’m just so satisfied and grateful for my life. I feel fulfilled. I don’t need anything more.


Life is already a huge success if you were only born, live and die.


I wouldn’t suffer the moment for the future. Because the future doesn’t even exist. Why would I waste the most important moment for the time I don’t even know if it will exist? At least, that’s my way of thinking.


The way you take things

When a bad thing happens to you, in what way do you take it as? You just feel unlucky or get angry? The truth is pretty simple, because you are lack of gratitude. When you are not appreciating enough, the god(if he exists) gives you a hard time to make you realize how lucky you already are.

I often see old people in Japan saying “Thank heavens” .
They are at the stage of appreciating everything they have, after going through all difficulties.


One reason why you don’t need to do anything to be happy.
That’s because you already have everything you need.  Simple answer would be…..

Gratitude makes you happy at anytime.

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