A Waste is the goodness of human being…?


One day I was watching a TV program about minimalism.
After introducing what minimalism is, some of the guests was commenting on it.
What I got shocked was that one of them said…


“A Waste is the goodness of human being”


I couldn’t believe my ears.



I think he meant this way. When the one is not taking a shortcut to his goal, maybe even long way, he felt like he wasted his time on it but it’s actually being a good experience for his later life. You often hear this kind of thing everywhere don’t you?

I would say, then it’s not a waste. A waste is a waste. People should call it “experience” not a waste.


Minimalism is about reducing a waste of time from our life. Reducing the wasted things that you are not even using or you don’t need. Reducing the wasted time to hang out with extra friends you hang out with.



Minimalism is about focusing on the most important thing in your life. In order to do that, you need to reduce your energy that you are using for something you don’t need.



When it comes to Viganism, it’s about reduce a waste of life. Reducing a waste of suffer that animals for produce meat for human consumption feels. I mean not reducing but ERADICATION. Not for being healthier, that’s not the point at all. It’s exactly the same thing with eradicating a murder.








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