A Little Process of Minimalism

Even though I already were minimalist 4~5 years ago when I started to work.
Because the company was a camping gear maker, I went camping many times and the situation made myself pack everything compactly. More and more attracted by smaller things that can do bigger things.

After coming back to Japan from Paris, I noticed I still had stuff in my parents house. So I started to clean that up.


Photos of memories from elementary/ junior high school mostly.

I scanned and shredder-ed  everything, I know I will not be looking back even though it took time to scan it all. But I’m only doing it just in case, well it doesn’t take space at all anyway.



Photos are gone, memories are here in head.


Even stronger after losing them.





Some other stuff I didn’t need. I wished to recycle it.
I felt bad when I was throwing away many of my stuff, I felt sorry for my own stuff.
But all after this, I will never  need to feel that way. I don’t buy or get anything I don’t need.


I’m free in all the way.



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