8 Merits to Be a Minimalist


On the condition you know what real minimalists are, I want to introduce some merits of being minimalist.

1. You will have more time

Minimalists knows about all the stuff they own, so they can easily manage their things and know where exactly it is. There is a survey that shows people are using 150 hours in a year to look for their own things. If your working time is for 8 hours a day, you are losing 19 days.


2.  Makes you not compare with others

Things are so easy to compare. Things are mostly the cause of troubles. You can easily compare yourself with others like

“that person has better income”
“That car is cooler than mine”
“My TV is smaller that his”

“I wanna live in a bigger house like his”
“He has the newest model camera that I want!!”



It’s eternal.

If you start letting go of things you thought you need, you also start being free from this malignant cycle.

Well people called “maximalists” would not agree on that but I’m not gonna argue. I talk here only about what I believe, or something that suits me.


3. You can be active

You only have few things you need, so you are free to go anywhere when you got the motivation. Backpackers are one kind of minimalist I suppose, they travel with limited things and travel to many places. They look so light and free. Also when you move to somewhere else, it’s much easier.

4. You can concentrate better

Because you are not surrounded by many things you cannot manage, your brain doesn’t need to work for it. So you only concentrate on what you really need to do.

On my desk at the working office, there is nothing but a telephone and PC…..nothing else. Other co-worker’s desks are all messy with all the documents and calendar etc. I wish I could take a photo of it but it’s a bit difficult at work.


5. You can save money and it’s eco-friendly

Because you sell things in order to reduce stuff, you can get money from that. You will also not be spending money on things you don’t need, you can save money. It’s eco because for example, you use less gas, water and electricity, you buy less packaged foods so plastic you throw away will also be less….etc.

6. You can have a better human relationship

Human being is not a thing. So everybody you meet everyday is just a human. No matter how great things they have done, you don’t need to get nervous because he’s just a man in the end. As the first merit, you don’t compare yourself with others so that you can spontaneously communicate with others.

7. You can enjoy the moment

You throw away the future
“I could be using this in the future….?”

You throw away the past
“This is so nostalgic, I wish I could go back to this time…”


What’s left?

The Present.

I know it’s so typical for everyone to say “this moment is the most important”. But you know what, it’s really true.

Those people who complains and not enjoy the moment, they will not be enjoying at anytime in the future.  Things you have from the past, also things you have for the future… maybe these things are the cause of that you cannot concentrate on the moment.

“It’s only after you lose everything, you are free to do anything”

by Tyler Durden from Fight Club

8. Most importantly… Gratitude

Human only can truly appreciate what they used to have when they lost it.

Gratitude is the biggest thing you could never miss in order to be happy. Maybe we are too used to convenient things, so you never really thank to it. If you could ever thank to the fact that you are alive healthy every single moment, what on earth do you think you can complain about? Everything everyday will look beautiful in your eyes.

You can keep gratitude in your mind by being minimalist.
Just try, it changes your life.


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