Random Update About My Job

Today I had 3 meetings and in one of the meetings, I was pointed out that I don’t have a Japanese business manner by my boss lol Well yeah of course, I didn’t grow up in this and I’m even against it^^; sure I will put efforts to be flexible to suit my company but not 100%.

Also today was the first day I worked over time, they don’t pay for it that’s the problem.
I mean it was not that bad today, but I really wonder how other Japanese salary men manage their life working over time even much longer like 2,3~4 hours everyday without getting paid for it.


After going through 9 different part time jobs since high school and working experience at Japanese company twice made myself convinced enough that I’m really not that type to be employed. Belonging to the company. Being told what to do.


I wanna work minimal. I just wanna take responsibility by myself in a minimal business that can support myself. I don’t need to work for the benefit, for the growth of the company. It all comes back to the topic of minimalism of consuming. You consume less, useless industries disappear.



Until the day I make action, I suck up everything I can learn from this company, this industry and knowledge about Kyoto.


What a wonderful feeling to have a day off on the next day~




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