Random Update About Japanese Company ~Business Manner~


So today I was regularly doing my job as always, and when I came back to the office,  a guy of the coordination division and my boss asked me to come to a assembly room. Just three of us.

They slowly started to talk to me. Of course about “Business manner” LOL

First I need to get right that I’m not here to complain or anything negative. They are really fine people and I like them. At least they don’t simply shout at me. I’m here to write what they need me to do. There you go.

“We hired you because you are really interesting and powerful, but if you also get a skill to think for others(business manner) you will be stronger than anyone” 

I think they are really good at this. They’re pro.


It made me think a bit. I kinda liked that they are really careful about how to treat me because I’m really not used to this manner things.

My boss was also saying “I’m from Showa(name of an era in Japan) period, so I get irritated when I see younger people behaving bad in front of me”

It was so straight opinion of his. I liked that honesty.  Well I have to say that it doesn’t mean that I was behaving bad in front of him but it was just an example he brought up.

A guy of coordinate division was calmly and slowly and deeply explaining how important and how basic it is to know business manner in order to work in Japanese society.

Did I absorb it?  – yes a little bit.


I think I do because the part I like is how they try to convince me in a peaceful way. It only sounded as if they were “suggesting” not “forcing” me. It made me think about it, that it’s also an advantage to be capable of Japanese manner.

A mix of Japanese politeness and western friskiness, it’s not bad. At least as far as I can go though 😛

This is also connected to my previous post about “Japanese culture of shame” link below.

Which is Virtue? “Culture of shame” Rooted in Japanese and “Culture of Sin” in Other Countries.


Well anyways,

let’s see what’s gonna happen.




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