Past and Future Don’t Even Exist

Since I reduced a lot of stuff(now you call it minimalism) I had 4 years ago, it was obvious that I started to focus on the moment that I’m living in. As I reduced things around me and the connection to people.



My consciousness naturally face to myself.



The moment is now, I’m using my time to write this on my computer because I choose to do it and it’s something important for my life. I naturally avoid doing something meaningless.


What Defines Meaningless Things ?


There are bunch of people who says there is no such meaningless thing in your life. Well I doubt it. I would say that’s not true. You can easily waste your time. So when you say it’s not a waste, most of the time it’s an excuse because human being is affirmant.


How to not waste your time….  is to move the past and the future away from your head for a while. You see what’s gonna happen.



Reducing your past and future.



Just because it does not exist in this world. Why would you care about it? Really.




(The past on the left, the future on the right)



Here is my poor drawing.
But it’s simple enough as a minimalist.

-Upper one is the one who try to make the moment the most important of his life.
-Under it is the one who sacrifice the moment for the “bright future”.


Let’s say you already lived half of your life and look back, you are full of accomplishment about having spent the all time being happy. It’s simple because you only need to keep it up.

On the other hand, if you don’t pay attention to the moment, or waste this moment(to not feeling 100% free to do what you really enjoy), you already lost the half of your life being like that.


Even if it’s a exaggerated example, it makes you think about it.



I know when people look at this, would say they also enjoy when they are putting efforts and being fully happy is not all about life(suffer is part of it) and stuff. You could say that, so keep it up and good luck. I understand that.


This is just one of the way of living, and in my case it’s so clear, I do not waste every single second of my life.



Minimalism surely is one method to focus on the moment.



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