Minimalism ~Things I ‘m Wondering if I Need or Not~

It’s quite simple to be a minimalist. You just get rid of things you don’t need and leave things you need. But there are sometime things you wonder if you really need it or not. In my case, it was video games.



video game japan 2video game japan

Two boxes of video games.

Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and 3DS are my main machines.

I love playing RPG like FinalFantasy series and Dragon Quest. Zelda 64 is also my favorite.



I once sold all. But one day I felt this super strong desire inside to play these I used to play, and I bought it all back. It’s a lot, take space but still I thought I need them.


I wonder I will be ok if I let go of all.


It’s forever mystery, how video games take my time without me noticing. I wish I could have a job like that. Completely forget about the time, lose myself in it.

I reckon that’s why I need them. Well I’m also interested in letting it go while I still need it lol see what’s gonna happen.


Do I still chase after it? or this time I forget that I let it go.


I still need a little bit of time to make up my mind.

2 thoughts on “Minimalism ~Things I ‘m Wondering if I Need or Not~

  1. When I moved countries a few years ago, I sold almost everything I owned – furniture, electronics, etc. The DVDs and a big CD collection were easy to get rid of. But video games had a special place in my heart, I just had to hang onto my old N64 games!

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    1. Thank you for your comment 🙂 N64 was definitely my favourite too, I sold them because I still can play it on my 3DS so that at least I could make it smaller^^; Your drawings are amazing by the way!


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