Veganism – Cooking Vegan Food

Since I’m not vegan yet though I’m trying my best to understand real significance of veganism.  I’m also simply interested in cooking vegan foods. I never actually read any recipe book but I made one Israeli cuisine which is vegan, I found it on the net.


If you don’t know what Falafel, here is the link ⇒ Falafel


falafel, Japan

I don’t know if this is how it should look like but I followed the recipe lol



It only took 30 mins to finish cooking and I waited for it to be cooked in a oven for 10~20mins.  That was easy.



It tasted pretty good though it’s better to put tomato sauce. I remember many of my Austrian friends are vegan and they have knowledge about seasoning/ many different kind of spices. So that they can make vegan food as tasty as non-vegan food.



It’s understandable what vegan activists are doing these days, I cannot really find a reason to deny their belief. No killing animals is simply humane and moral but then why rest of the people’s action is not reflecting what they think?



It could be only because of laziness of human being. Especially when people don’t have any knowledge about seasoning and spices, many of them don’t even know how to cook. It’s not their bad but then it seems quite hard for them to make up their mind one day and go vegan.



In my case it’s easier because cooking is one of my most favorite thing. But I can easily imagine how hard it is for people who can’t cook AND there are uncountable restaurants and shops that sells cheap food.



On the other hand, even those people sometime get shocked at what’s going on behind the industry, compulsively gain passion to go vegan right away to stand for animal rights.  Vegan activists are consisted of them.



Here in Japan, I never ever seen anyone who’s vegan in real.  Japan could be the country 180 degree different from veganism. If you tell Japanese people that you are vegan, they would derisively/typically say “So then what do you eat?”



What sometime embarrasses me to be in Japan as a Japanese is the cluelessness and inflexibility. Is that because it is a isolated island? Well I better not go any deeper in this here. Maybe in another blog.





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