At a Morning Assembly


Every morning, we have a morning assembly and one of us stand in front and talk to all for a bit. Today it was my turn for the first time since I join this company. I was actually forgetting that it was my turn.I talked about how I’m feeling about my job so far, that I enjoy my job and stuff.



Then after the assembly, my boss came to me and gave me 5~6 things that I said wrong that I made my co-worker feel bad. And then one of my co-worker who is so bossy all the time, she took advantage of my boss was preaching to me, got me 3~4 things I should have said.



To be honest, I was amazed. I didn’t really say anything especially wrong, just talked about how I’m enjoying my job. Ah, I also questioned everybody if they enjoy their job or not. They were pissed at this later(I mean my boss and bossy co-worker)



They said it’s because I looked like I’m looking down on them?  Well obvious they are overthinking. I simply wanted to know if they enjoy their job or not. I will not be able to do or say anything if they start saying this much of things.



Today I felt a bit like they are trying to shape me according to their aim and desire. They could be just wanting to use me as a pawn? Then I will have to say no thanks. That’s totally not the style I want. I felt like I have no freedom to say anything.



I mean, I take their advises if it’s something deep that makes sense. They sometime give me good one. But what they said to me today was totally coming from their random emotion/useless pride which sounded too typical Japanese old fashioned way of thinking.



I’m not worried about what other people are thinking anyway when I’m speaking out what I need to tell. I do care about other people but not about these people who’s over sensitive and over difficult. I wonder if they don’t get tired of themselves.


So it started to seem like there will be the time soon I really need to change the way I work.


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