Minimalism – on The Train

Every morning, I walk to the station in fresh and cold air. Sunrise is as always beautiful.
I actually arrive at the station early. Because there is a specific reason for it…


minimalism 1minimalism

I think there is no need for explanation lol


Well yes, I prefer to take the train which stops every single station but with fewer people(obviously the second photo). Fortunately, at my station, it’s where it starts so there is nobody on the train when I get on.


It is a 180-degree different world, really. I could even say it’s one of the most important things to start my day and spend my whole day beautifully.



It’s also my personality that I prefer not to be surrounded by many people I don’t know.
But I still wonder why these people on a crowded train don’t have an idea to take an all-stations train. Maybe because they want to stay at home as late as possible.



Empty space is beautiful, it creates space in my head.


If you have a space in your head, you feel relaxed and be kind for others. You realize many things surrounding you is something precious.



Physical emptiness consonants with mental emptiness,  the emptiness gives you leeway.




These little things change my life, so easily.



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