Minimalist – Simpleness

To be honest, I don’t really like calling myself a minimalist.



Because I’m just a man who just don’t have much things comparing to other people, and maybe thinking in a bit different way. I’m not even special or anything.



Much more than having less things, for me the most precious thing to be a minimalist is that I live my life so easy/simple.



In fact we are the one who’s making our own life complicated, as we get older and older, since everything is so simple.



I always hear my heartbeat, then I never think in my head, and just follow what my heartbeat tells me to do. There is only one straight line from the heartbeat to the action.



When I quit my previous job was the example. Even though I loved my job I quit the next day my heart beat when I was taking a bath. Just because it tells me to do. (I’m trying my best not to surprise my surroundings)



This is the biggest reason why I don’t have regrets in my past life so far.



You could say that I’m too lazy to think. Action first as always. I fail many times because of it, takes time to get off the ground. But I still like how I roll.



My consciousness 100% ignores what other people think about me. I sometime realize how free I am by that. As long as I’m not hurting anyone.



I’d like all people I communicate with, to take off their many-layered masks. I’d love to see their “face” directly. I don’t understand the meaning of taking time for it, I’m not willing to waste a second of my life.


Simpleness simply make it simple.

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