Kyoto Marathon 2018

Today was my Sunday off though I participated in Kyoto Marathon 2018 as a volunteer.

It was my first time to see it directly and I was shocked at how they look so energetic and dead at the same time. Some of them were running half naked in this cold weather.


What make them run?


There is this four character idiom in Japanese “無我夢中(mugamuchu)”
means “Lose yourself in a dream”.   My favorite one.



It looked nothing else but Mugamuchu.



The system of mental/physical balance is easy to understand. You use your body, you think less. You don’t use your body, you think more. In these people’s head, I’m sure they think much less in this extreme tiredness.


I think less and completely forget about the time when I play video games. In this case without any pain. Seems like there is no theorem.


In the first place, I never figured out if thinking less is better or not but it sure makes me focus on the important things.


Thinking too much is bad.  Thinking too deep is good.


That’s also my consideration, if you know what I mean.





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