On The Next Step

I woke up not too late and had breakfast.




Came upstairs and vacuumed my room then wiped up every inch.




There is not a single dust left in my room.




By the way, today is my first day after resigning my job. I mean it’s my former job now.
I received unexpected letters and a gift from co-workers in my team. It certainly made me feel a wistful sense of loss. They are cool people.




These letter especially made myself pressured a bit in a good way to work on my next own job. It’s maybe coming from that I don’t want to betray them.




This is how people live brawnily with the help of their surroundings. I simply can’t live alone. Chinese letter “人” meaning of human, come from a picture of two people supporting each other. I’d rather spend my money on time with interesting people.




Through many experience to belong to different organizations, I’m slightly and surely understanding what I am. Which environment I’m suitable to. I appreciate it, to notice while young.




I appreciate my life itself.








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