Veganism – Unknown Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine has a big potential to convert it into a vegan food. Or many of recipes are already vegan. Like many recipes with tofu and vegetables. There are 47 prefectures in Japan and each have a indigenous vegetable or a fruit.





This is actually what my mother cooks since long time ago. She used to put pork in it but now it’s a shimeji mushroom instead. Sad thing is that it doesn’t have a name. It’s something you boil vegetables and beans with seaweed broth. Ingredients are below.




Soy bean is a savoir if you want to challenge to be a vegan.
There are many recipes which include soy beans in Japanese cuisine. Natto is one of it and too famous for it’s smelly and sticky. I personally like it a lot and also I have many foreign friends who’s in love with it.


Nappa cabbage, I know they don’t sell it at a supermarket in European countries. I found it only at Asian shops but you can replace it with a normal cabbage. It’s just that it’s better for the taste.


Bean Vermicelli is also much healthier than normal wheat noodle. It’s often used in Chinese cuisine but we use it this kind of way a lot as well. I mean boiling it.




Additionally, better to put Yuzu(Japanese citron) to coax out flavor.




From many different mushrooms, it’s Shimeji mushroom for this recipe. It’s also good to put Shiitake mushroom. There are tons of way to cook Shiitake though. I will introduce later. I saw only white/brown mushrooms at a supermarket in Europe but it doesn’t really match with Japanese broth. 




Taste of the soup


Most important thing in Japanese cuisine is to make a broth. Most of the time it’s from dried fish but there is other vegan ingredient which is seaweed called “Kombu”.
It makes the soup to have depth in taste and it comes from amino acid that Kombu contains.



Whatever the broth you make, we call it “Dashi” in Japanese. It’s only a depth of the soup so you need to put actual taste(saltiness) in it. Adding soy sauce is typically good in this case.



Not only about human being, “depth” make the food touches your heart.






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