Minimalism – Random Update

Since I’m free from work, I feel like I became busier.



Except for my freelance job, I only meet people I’m interested in and inspired by… simply and most importantly they are people with “depth”. No need to judge others. But also no need to waste your precious time for meaningless meetings.



About my lifestyle,
There are fewer routines every day now. Every day has a totally different color. The color changes depending on every single action on that day. Makes me excited.



I could say the same thing in belonging to a company. But it’s much less adventurous for sure.



Things I need to manage got suddenly increased. I’m the only one who decide what I do today. Income 100% depends on myself for example.




I like my life this way.




The reason why I’m naturally minimalist is that I know myself is hopelessly lazy. If I hang down from something, I easily lose energy from being controlled what I should do by someone else.




Since I’m rather minimalist, people would think that I’m looking down on maximalists who cannot throw away things or disconnect human relationships they don’t want.






I’m just a man with fewer things only because I’m less capable of managing things and human relationships. To live, I need to reduce it down since I cannot upgrade my brain and body. In this sense, I should be looking up maximalists only if they manage it all well.




It’s just a natural way of living for people like me.



I mean, it’s so-called “minimalism”.








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