The Process of Becoming

I’m at a cafe.



My mum has a “girl’s lunch” in our house so I was kicked out in the morning.




As many freelancers, I’m typically sitting at a cafe and working.  I’ve actually never done it before but it’s not bad, things always go naturally good when you don’t intend to do.




So anyways, I was watching a movie called “The Secret” yesterday, there were too many things made me think of but I just picked one quote by Esther Hicks.






Whatever it is you are feeling is a perfect reflection of what you are in the process of becoming.





This brought me back to my childhood.




I don’t remember anything really from my childhood but one thing I do remember for sure is that I worried a lot unlike me now.  I kept asking to my mum “What would I do if~”




When it was about to be 2000, they talked about prophecies of Nostradamus on media that this world is gonna end. I used all savings and tried not to regret anything. Above all else, I was afraid of dying and being completely disappeared from this world.




Fortunately, my thoughts didn’t make it happen.  Maybe it was too large scale. But I realize smaller things in my life actually could have happened because of my feelings and thoughts. What I was in the past was what thoughts I had.




There is nothing as bad as to worry if you don’t want it to happen. 




In the movie they continue ” Because if you look at negative things, it’s endlessly and continuously coming back to you. But you could say exactly the same thing about being positive”





They cannot establish these “universe” and “energy” things which are the reasons why it happens so they introduced their own experience to prove that these things actually happened because they kept believing in it.




Even without watching it, I have the same opinion on being positive/negative according to my experience in the past.  Except the part where they talked about energy of universe and stuff, but I reckon it’s just one of the methods to make it easier to convince yourself to be positive.



At least your life gets easier once you only think positive, for sure.






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