Conquering a Habit With a Habit

If there are some bad habits that you want to quit, it’s much clever to make the situation that you can’t even reach it than putting efforts to stop it.




It might naturally dissapear if the situation/environment itself doesn’t even exist. Removing root of the whole problem is the quickest and rational way.





snowpeak sleeping bag

For instance, you can simply get rid of your bed if you become lazy on it or making it messy with your stuff. You can take Japanese style bedding in your room, then you can’t even be lazy or put your stuff on it once you clear it away every morning. You won’t feel inconvenience when you get used to it.





The biggest agenda would be the action to get rid of the bed. Well it’s not a matter if you only habituate “make action before thinking”. It’s much easier than doing push up 20 times everyday which involves physical pain.





The power of habit is pretty big so it’s formidable when it’s a bad habit. Only thing can cope with it is a good habit. Right, you conquer a habit with a habit.





People somehow have a capability to think before doing. It could be both an advantage or a disadvantage though most of the time it’s a disadvantage. Because it closes all possibilities up once you decided to not do it. Doesn’t matter success or fail, there will always be the next step prepared for you if you make action. It’s nothing complicated if you think logically.




Just do it.





You might be thinking “What if it’s uncomfortable” or “What if I can’t sleep and regret it”. Let’s just make it all thoughts disappear.





It’s not like you will die or it messes up your life anyway. You will be tired of thinking and ended up not achieving anything. Empty your head and make action, then you will discover something and there are unlimited possibilities opened for you, for sure.




It would be devastatingly powerful if you could habituate it.





Make action before thinking. This is it.






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