Super Short Essay – Competition

The society we live in is covered with full of jealousy and greed.



It is a by-product of our consumption-led competitive culture.



And the worst thing is that it is far more serious than we think.



Although competition is a main factor for the birth of jealousy, we often excuse or affirm this positively by affixing labels like “rich competitive spirit”, or “does not miss a chance”, or “embrace ambition” to this phenomena.

2 thoughts on “Super Short Essay – Competition

  1. I’m stepping out of line here and certainly out of my depth, competition isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In one aspect it pushes us to better ourselves, even when we have to admit that person is ahead of us. It’s when we can’t beat them and can’t see how to progress ourselves, then I guess the green eyed monster shows itself, as you said it becomes something more.

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment 🙂
      Yes that’s very true, it could give us more motivation to do stuff. Especially Japanese people care about other people’s eyes “too much” but yes you are right.

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