Since long time.



Summer.  Like it or not,  it’s being hot and chilled. Many great memories.


I haven’t updated my blog for ages.


It took so much time to motivate myself to write here. No, it doesn’t work like that.
So it came naturally today when I drove to my favorite cake shop to have a cake and a cuppa, I started to write my diary and then had some idea to write.


A good thing is that I’m not really giving a fig if I’m writing or not. I just cannot have any negative thoughts in my head. Some books helped me a bit to be like that I guess.



Even though I have read many books about habits, I still have many habits that I wanna quit but still keep doing. I also got some good habits I’m not used to have before.



New great habit I got is, for sure, reading books. Thanks to Mr. Fumio Sasaki’s first book, it was a trigger to read more and more.  I feel like I’ve been missing the greatest opportunity  I could ever had until recent.



It’s just like a gamble without a risk, you only lose few coins. I like it because it’s like a fate to find the right books for myself. Sometimes the right books could be cheap used one, not the brand new one. But I’m guessing that 95% of people who read books on self-improvement actually don’t make the action at all, could be less than 95%.  Well it doesn’t mean that I do everything I thought it’s useful but I’m taking steps for sure.




I’ll stop here for now, I need some motivation left for the next blog 😛



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