Philosophy through One Piece


One Piece – One of the most famous Japanese anime written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda.



When I was 20, once I had to stay in bed at the hospital for a long time, my father kindly prepared a laptop with unlimited internet connection for me to not get bored.  I was watching One Piece when it started in 1999 but I stopped at some point soon so that time I thought it was a good opportunity to watch it all over again. Though I couldn’t catch up with the latest episode at that time.



Recently, I didn’t intend to make another try or something but I was just looking for the episode where I stopped, for fun. Once I found it, was too late, I was already watching next 10 episodes, 50 episodes, 100 episodes…



I usually don’t do this. I always have a feeling of guilty after doing stuff it looks like a waste but the magic of this anime didn’t allow me to have the feeling. I even got inspired and encouraged, it’s much better than amateurish books on self-improvement.



This time I re-realised how it’s a philosophical anime. These 3 things only a part of what I mean.




Freedom    –    The goal that captain Luffy aims for is “to get the biggest freedom in the ocean.” I love how he doesn’t care about what other people say and keep going straight to what he wants. Never matter whether he gets crosswise of the government , or it is the most terrible monster in the sea he’s fighting with. We see absolutely no fear in his eyes. Like smashing the rubbish common sense into pieces without a care in the world.



Honesty   –    I love the way each characters fully express their emotion in their own way.
Luffy is absolutely nothing but honesty and simplicity itself.  One most amazing scene from episode 278, when Luffy screams “SAY YOU WANT TO LIVE” to Robin, she replies “I WANT TO LIVE”. The moment she was finally free. Luffy has his own special power that he doesn’t even notice to pull out a pure part of people’s heart. This you can find everywhere in One Piece.



Funniness – If you search on Youtube “funny moments one piece” or something like that, there are tons of scenes that can make you laugh.  Since laughter is necessary to live happy , it teaches us how to be. Also the gap between the most serious scene and the stupidest scene are huge, makes it amazing.



I would say it’s ironic that this country created this anime. The country which has the furthest characteristic  from this anime’s world and character’s personality. It’s the same thing with other major anime.



On the other hand, it could be inevitable because people dream about what they don’t have.  It’s just that Eiichiro Oda only embodied the ideal that this country has.



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