Books About Learning English

I just have finished a book called “6 rules to be able to speak English in 4 hours”.


I mean this title…lol


So one of my student recommended me to read it, not from a perspective of a learner but a teacher. Sure I’d love to know if it ever exist how to make students speak English 4 hours, though I wouldn’t be earning enough money by that because after 4 lessons they are gone.



It didn’t even take an hour to finish the book. It doesn’t take time to finish books when you see familiar things in it.



It’s mostly about “paraphrasing” when it comes to learning English for Japanese people. Or maybe for anybody for any language to learn.  Japanese has 2 characters idiom and 4 characters idiom. They try to translate it directly to English which makes the sentence awkward.



It’s always the key to take another way to express what you want to say. It was good that the book touches about this topic. But from chapter 2, it was all about characteristics of a nation.  Not directly written but how you should be more brave to speak loud or be aggressive to talk to foreigners and stuff.



Any methods never work except changing the education system here including how their parents bring up their children.



“Communication disorder”



“eyes of others”




Breaking down these nationality they have is the only way, otherwise these books which is written only for the benefit of authors. I cannot be a real solution for those who wish to speak English.


That’s basically why I’m so passionate about giving lectures to kids at school about “how to avoid being a slave of the society”. It’s starting soon.


Let’s set them free.



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