Minimalism ✖ Veganism = ?

“You should die if you believe in Veganism”


That’s what my dad said. Of course he didn’t tell me to die but he meant in the context of protecting animal’s life or the environment. Even though human being is the main cause of many tragedies, some people have an extreme way of thinking just to get off the subject we are debating about.


When they do that, that’s exactly when they lose.


That’s so sad it’s true if you wanna be kind to the mother Earth or other species. But that’s not the topic these vegans or antis are debating about. I reckon it’s all about “reducing” not making everything zero at a time. So it only sounds like sour grapes once people start speaking extreme.


What about minimalism?


Some people say “You’re a minimalist, then why do you still have stuff?”. I basically don’t even have an energy to answer to these uncultured people, so I give them a smile saying “haha right”. Minimalism is just one of those labels, since people love labeling people. I’m technically not a minimalist, but you could say I’m one of those who’s called a minimalist.


So that there is no definition that makes you a minimalist. I reduce stuff to make everything easier in life, people can do that little by little. You can do the same in veganism. It doesn’t need to be complete black or white. Starting from what you can do.


I’m not vegan, but I do put efforts as much as I can and I also do enjoy it for instance as long as I try something. As a person who’s called a minimalist, I reduce meat on my plate. I eat them when I need to, I don’t when I don’t need to. That’s my case.

**no silly questions by vegans like “Do we really need to eat meat? We have tons of alternatives” I understand you, but I’m just not that good at making sense to my surroundings, especially when they are Japanese. I will try.


What are minimalists anyway… ?


If someone ever ask me for the definition of minimalism, I would reluctantly tell them it’s about reducing stuff you own to how much you can manage to feel the real happiness of life. As you can see, it depends on people. You could say the same thing about veganism. MAYBE it’s about reducing to harm animals as much as you can.


That is the way I make actions in veganism as a minimalist. At least I’m making some actions. Making excuses is nothing but a waste of time, you’ll see something only after you tried.


My door is open for anything. I’m seeking for people passionately speaking about their belief. There are just too many things I haven’t met yet.


Veganism, so far, is the most interesting topic for me in terms of how people in the world react and change into the future. And I’d love to somehow take part in it.


Thank you for reading.








Minimalism ✖ Veganism = ?” への2件のフィードバック

  1. I read a post months ago about this “what if” mindset, or as your post, the “what about”isms. So many people do it. And you know what I have realized? That is their justification to do and change absolutely nothing. They attack or question your sustainable choices, and use that so they feel good about doing nothing to benefit the planet. Makes me mad! What’s more important though is that YOU are doing SOMETHING, and that makes ALL the difference. I applaud you.


    1. Hello Nadine, thank you very much for using your precious time to comment 🙂 yes 100%. I know I shouldn’t even see it as a problem and leave them alone. But at the same time I do wish that they have had better education and put cultivation by reading books and stuff. That’s why I’m also into thinking what I can do about this useless education system in Japan. Anyways, thank you again for your words, that encouraged me heaps.

      いいね: 1人


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