Difference Between Personality And Worldview ~Magical Glasses~

Personality is something you can’t change though you can change the way of looking at the world.


I came to realize this inspired by Austrian psychologist Alfred Adler.


Personality in Japanese “性格(seikaku)”  is recognized in Japan as something impossible to change since it’s an innate thing.  My head wasn’t always clear when I talk to someone about whether personality could ever be changed or not.


Like I’ve seen many surroundings changed a lot even after they are all grown up. Did they change their personality? well, it has always sounded a bit weird to me.


It was a bit like a lightning shock when I read about this in the book. I love when I can’t help smiling at what I’m reading all by myself in my room lol


People only change their way of looking at the world…  It was something way simpler than I thought. It’s actually something that was in my head but couldn’t make it into words.  Not only words but now it’s so easily imaginable. Like you only need to get new glasses to wear to see the world differently.


Talking deeply with people, in another word, is to borrow their glasses to see the world from different angles. “Good “books are also a great tool in the sense that you can see the world through glasses many great famous people who have accomplished great things in their life had.


How educated you are all depending on how many times you have tried different glasses. Not only trying them on but doing it with an open mind. There are many methods but reading is my recommendation(an indiscriminate reading).


Of course, taking a trip to far away is also amazing. It seems like there are a lot we can easily try. Once you savor what you can get after trying many different glasses, that’s when you start feeling the point of your life 🙂


Thank you for reading.






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