Almost All Of New Books Are Worthless!?

As I read more and more books, I’ve started to notice some books in the categories are saying the same thing but in slightly different words. Then I met this book by Arthur Schopenhauer “On Reading and Books”


There are two types of books:  written for royalty, or for privilege. 


The beginning of the royalty system has been in the West since the 19th century. In the case of Japan, for a long time, it was supposed that Ogai Mori claiming 25% in publication in 1892 (Meiji 25th) was the beginning. In the case of translation publication, since the royalties for the original author and translator are added up, it is likely to be high rate.


I’ll not explain it too difficult here, it’s just that we need to pick only worthful books. Now I’m seeking for books that was published before the time there was royalties so that books were written mostly for author’s privilege. Please suggest if you know any.


When I find out really soon after starting to read the book and notice it’s not worth, it’s pretty easy to know. You don’t need to be a heavy reader to feel it, maybe that’s what people who read my blog as well but that’s fine since this place is where I output my thoughts like a diary.


Quick update for today, thank you for reading.



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