Is Japanese Humility Real?


People who visit Japan often laud the custom of Japanese humility. There are many other things that you might wanna point out but let’s have a close look at this.


Humility... that’s one of the biggest thing to be considered as a beautiful thing. The definition would be not humbling, doing a good dead while nobody’s talking about it or even looking at it, etc. Especially all old people keep saying that’s the Japanese virtue.


I totally disagree.


You talk to these kind people who are picking up garbage from the ground but once you ever talk to them, they endlessly talk about what they are doing(my real experience).


My delusional expectation was that they talk about some chitchat(not about what they are doing) with me without stopping their hand. Or it even makes me feel more respect for them if they ignore me by being too busy with picking them up.


Or on a TV program about Senkaku Islands dispute. Looking at how china impertinently saying it’s their island, Japanese people are pointing out “how Chinese people are not humble”. I don’t care whose this little tiny island is.


Where I look at is how the Japanese cannot shut up when others are not being humble. That they are being humble doesn’t mean the whole world would do the same or respect it. 


Being humble is their own task, they do it because it makes their own life better or they believe it’s their own justice. That’s beautiful, I do respect AS LONG AS it’s real humility.  Now how others are not humble is nothing to do with them because you should never intrusive on someone else’s task.


The moment they even talked about “how humility is important” or “speak as if they are humble by themselves”, I detect their belief is half-baked.


Real humble people are someone who other people talk about them.


You see how many books these big names and CEOs write about how great things they have done, most of the time they refer how great they are “indirectly” as if they are not sure if it the right thing to show off or not.


Doing a good deed, without a doubt, is a great thing. But it’s your own task, you shouldn’t be showing off anywhere in ANY form. Because it’s meant to be something you WISH to do, you should be happy without people giving you compliments or thankfulness.


In the end, there exist Japanese who are humble. But I had to mention that there are many fake ones more than you think. Don’t trust your image of Japan. Excuse me if you already don’t have a good image lol Real humility is a good thing yes as everyone knows.


For bloggers like me, it’s something I can’t really have from the perspective of not shutting up since it’s about writing my thoughts toward the world. I have to admit that I have a desire to speak out.


…but wait, I’m not really doing any good deeds to talk about anyway lol


Thank you for reading 🙂




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  1. Good that you speak it out. If people wanted to do things disinterestedly, the world would be beautiful. In my opinion, for nowadays , it’s impossible. People who are doing good deeds not being noticed, finally burns out. Honestly, by human nature everyone wants to feel important.

    いいね: 1人


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