The Meaning Of Being Creative In Capitalism


Routine Job and Non-Routine Job


Routine task’s world was more in our muscular energy that was exploited and now it’s your capacity of innovation. Those repetitive tasks are disappearing but it has transformed this request for creativity into a new imperative important.


You need to be creative, it’s not the same thing to say “I don’t wanna be a robot, I wanna be myself” It’s not the same thing to claim that but to be told…


“Be creative, or you die” 


In the sense that I want your creativity to be out to the service of the global system and the stress is there, it will be to be productive, to be imaginative, to vanquish the machine that will do the job if you start repeating and repeating yourself.


So we have entered another race with some tensions than the one we left so if I was still very much in a world dominated that perhaps more than ever by the rule of economics.


Manual flour milling produces a feudal society. A steam-powered mill produces a capitalist society. Form and conditions of production make the structure of society. The way of technology and economy make society, in fact, what it means to be a human.


This is the power of the darkness that Schumpeter found in Marx’s book. The economy and society move with their own power. Whether you wish or not, you will be chosen a certain action. Rather than being deprived of freedom, you psychologically narrow your room of choice.


An individual person cannot alter the flow of it: The power of the structure in capitalism



Unhappiness Of Being Forced To Be An Artist


You are always forced to be changed. Famous book authored by Sigmund Freud “Civilization and Its Discontents” said


“You can’t live like an artist. You shouldn’t live like an artist because they are unhappy. They are always in fear of lack of creativity.”


There is always such tension in the world of today’s new technology.


You always have to ask yourself “What am I good at?”. That creates stress and tension which is why our society is creating a lot of burnout. People ask to go extreme of what you can do which is different from the old organization of labor. Just to summarize all that but those new technologies are destroying the previous civilization.


Today which is better than yesterday. Tomorrow which is better than today. People are excited about the change. But if it becomes imperative? Creativity which is meant to be fun, without realizing, becomes a pain. What do we work for?


Thank you for reading 🙂





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