Phantasmal Plan Of  “The Country Of Freedom” ~ Basic Income ~

This is a really bizarre episode of American history almost no one knows this but Richard Nixon almost implemented a basic income. A mothers’s basic income in the begging of the 70s in the United States and almost everyone believed back then that some form of basic income was going to be implemented so for example.


John Kenneth Galbraith the famous left-wing economist, he was in favor of it but Milton Friedman the neoliberal right-wing economists was also in favor of it so they all agreed that we should do this and Nixon said “all right all right, let me be the president I’ll do it” .


His proposal for a basic income got through the House of Representatives twice and then it hit the Senate floor where the Democrats said “Sure, we want basic income as well but we want a higher basic income” so they voted against it and that’s what happened twice actually.


And then even more bizarre what happened in 1978 is that the results from the basic income experiment in Seattle came in and again the results were really positive so healthcare costs went down, crime went down, kids performed much better in school and people didn’t stop working.


BUT there was another thing that they found out and that is the the divorce rates went up by 50%. So at that point all the Republicans all the conservatives they said you know we call the basic income you know this will make women much too independent you know they can leave all their crappy marriages, we don’t want that.


That’s when basic income was pretty much forgotten in the US. It was only ten years later that researchers found out that a statistical mistake estimate had been made so in reality the divorce rate did not go up at all.


But at that point it was already too late so it’s a pretty bizarre history full of coincidences and if the US would have implemented a basic income , that would have been hugely influential.






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