Liberating? Or Demoralizing?

The fear of of not working is very important and people associate not working with unemployment not leisure. The economist’s talk about leisure but in fact most people’s experience if you don’t have a job it’s because no one wants to employ you and you’re losing your income.


You are not losing your income but you are also losing the meaning of your life because that’s what most people’s identity.


It’s a big problem. You have automation on the one hand and automation does destroy jobs and the you have the question of what people to do. Is it liberating? not having to work or is it demoralizing. That’s a big issue and that’s why people aren’t really facing it.


In the longer run people will just have to work less hours. Maybe instead of 40 hours a week or 35 hours a week, they’ll work 25 hours or 20 but then that’s what Keynes foresaw in 1930 .


What will happen to their incomes, they resist anything like shorter hours if  it means less money so you have to find the replacement incomes for them. There are different schemes, one of them is to give everyone an unconditional basic income which would replace.


Phantasmal Plan Of  “The Country Of Freedom” ~ Basic Income ~


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