Banksy Shreds Rotten Capitalism


Oh wow. I rarely watch TV news though guess what I just saw…



This anonymous genius street artist Banksy, self-destructed his work right after it was sold for 1.4 dollars. Detail’s, of course, on internet news already so you can look it up.


I never seen delightful news like this in my past life! I felt like this just delivered this rotten world a blow. I do wish I could draw caricatures like his or those you can find on the internet. It definitely impacts the world and makes us realize a lot about capitalism.


It was actually my first time to know or see his work this time, his art just arrows through my heart. Surely not as difficult to understand as Picasso, his messages are just obvious. It’s also cool that he’s anonymous and mysterious.


This news just gave me hope and a bravery.


Thank you heaps.




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