Is machine translation useless? Part 2

No need English learning for practical purposes anymore

The machine translation system is improving in the future. Even now it has made a good degree of translation for most purposes, but from now on it will do a better translation.


For speech translation which is harder than sentence translation, the performance is improving more and more, and speech translation of travel conversation has already been put into practical use.


If its performance is as simple as a standard conversational talking, it has already reached the TOEIC 900 score level. Speaking of 900 score, it is equivalent to the top 2% of the examinees’ achievement, and the international division of the company exceeds the expectation of employees.


This level of translation is already available with one button. Research is progressing with the aim of putting it into practical use until 2020, as well as automated translation of lectures and conferences with even greater difficulty.


If you rely on English translations, it really is no longer necessary to study English for practical purposes. As Japan leads the world in practical application of machine translation, it can be said that it is not necessary particularly for Japanese.


Of course language is important. Learning a language different from your own mother tongue is a way to learn new things and thinking. The importance of learning English and other languages for that purpose remains unchanged. But learning English for practical purposes is not necessary already. It will become increasingly unnecessary in the future.



Israeli information technology expert Sam Lehman-Wilzig says,

“With the improvement of the ability of machine translation, the profession of translation is practically disappearing. First of all, translation of the sentence disappears, and finally interpreter disappears.In addition, foreign language learning for the public and foreign language learning materials drastically decrease (Probably will be completely gone) “


UK linguist Nicholas Ostler says,

“In the medium term, the universal language will be unnecessary in the middle of this century or even sooner. Language technology (= machine translation) will undertake interpreters and translations, and foreign language learning does not need to do except for experts and dabsters.”



Some people would still say that machine translation is not perfect and English learning is necessary. Then the machine can learn how to interpret Japanese better and we can learn how to use Japanese which is easier to translate for the machine.


Since the way of mistranslation of each translation software is different, if you compare translations by multiple software and learn to lead correct interpretation, machine translation can be used more effectively.


I’m daringly coming up with extreme, this one would be much more effective than existing way of learning English.


Thank you for reading.

To be continued…


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