Inequality Between Non-native Speakers and Native Speakers

Immediately after the war, the American delegation of education for the education of Japan recommended that Japanese kanji and kana notation be abolished and make into the roman alphabet. There were also some Japanese people who made such claims.


One of the reasons for this recommendation is that typewriters can not be used in kanji and kana. Looking at the current development of word processors, the wisdom of making Japanese romanized for such reason seems to be a foolish thing that they can not see the progress of technology.


The relationship between English and machine translation is the same. Looking at decades after the performance of machine translation has further increased, considering that everyone of the nation learns English from elementary school or uses English as an official language because machine translation is incomplete at the moment It seems silly that they can not see the future.


When non-native speaker and native speakers negotiate, the former who negotiates in the latter’s ring is unilaterally disadvantageous.


Native speakers can negotiate at their own pace by making full use of their strengths. If there is a mistake in interaction, they can just blame it for poor English in non-native speakers. If they don’t like what the other person says, they can cheat by pointing at mistakes in the other person’s speech.


They deliberately burble on with difficult words intentionally. This kind of common maneuver that they try to negotiate advantageously is the privilege granted only to native speakers.


Native speaks think like nothing is wrong when non native speakers are using exorbitant amounts of time and effort to speak “their language”. Even bigger problem is that Japanese are not even aware of it unwisely. That’s because of a free-floating longing for overseas(I will explain in later posts).


If you use the time and effort used for English learning for other learning, you will be able to have education that is more effective than it is now.

Japanese are making a huge loss by thinking that it is natural to learn English and this situation will not change. Of course this is not only about Japan.


Thank you for reading.

To be continued…


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