Is The Human Life Heavier Than The Earth?

“Humanism” that covers the world with world domination of Europe and the United States

“Human life is heavier than the earth” is said everywhere, but in fact it is nothing. It is like a momentary flash in the darkness of the endless universe. “Let’s cherish it because it is light and fragile” is the correct way to look at human life.


Grandpa, grandmother, father and mother who loves you die in the traffic accident, myocardial infarction and cancer in the blink of an eye. That is why we take care of life in this moment and love each other.


The way of thinking like “Human life is heavier than the earth” is a rhetoric of hypocrisy born from humanism.


Humanism ( or anthropocentrism) is the idea of the West. The logic and rationalism that was developed in the West is certainly important. However, “arrogance of human” is stuck behind it.


A beautiful emotion suppresses these human arrogance and teaches humility. It shows us that “human beings are only a small part of great nature”. Considering environmental problems and such, these humility will become increasingly important from now on.


That’s not all. The fact that the human beings have fallen into a conflict relationship with nature by humanism seems to be deeply influenced by the unexpected feeling of blockage and the feeling of collapse in society.


I believe that losing a beautiful emotion is hurting the stability of the mind by this conflict. A beautiful emotion will heal the broken heart and will give power to the dark sunken heart. It works like a mental stabilizer.


Thank you for reading.




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