Ultimate Competitive Society Or Ability-ism Are The Society Of Brute Beasts.

Communism is also the same as colonialism and imperialism in the sense that there is beautiful logic.


Everyone shares all the means of production. Everyone shares the products born thereby. And we can create an equal, equitable and happy society with no difference in rich and poor. It is a logic that is too beautiful to cause me dizziness.


But in reality, as the Soviet Union proved in the experiment, it ended in a great failure. It is wrong to force this to be “a failure of the Soviet Union and not a failure of Communism”. The beautiful and respectable logic of communism itself is not suitable for mankind.


Of course, competitive society and skillfulness may be good for the prosperity of the organization. Allow any employee to compete severely in any organization. And keep firing incompetent people. It is best to leave only capable talent and keep taking new talented people. It is logic.


However, when you see that logic is covering the whole society, I’d like to say loudly,


“Wait a moment, that is wrong.”


What will happen if we really start becoming thorough ability-ism? For example, all your colleagues are competitors. Veterans will never teach newcomers know-how. If you teach them, you will be overtaken in the end. Therefore, it becomes a very unstable society that you are always surrounded by enemies.


Few people in the world oppose ability-ism. It is because it looks bad.  You’ll be said by everybody “It is because you do not have the skill, that’s why you are saying that”.


On the contrary, it is cool to say that “we should introduce ability-ism.” It is because everyone thinks that he is really skilled but nobody recognizes it properly.


Therefore, a competitive society or ability-first principle will spread more than necessary if it is uncontrolled. Ultimate competitive society, ability-ism is the society of brute beasts.


The lifetime employment system and seniority system in Japan are still better. Of course, it is a problem if you only have seniority. Good judgment must be given to employees with excellent results.



Thank you for reading.






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