Victory Of Capitalism Is An Illusion

Organizations will certainly become stronger if you stick to the law of the jungle. But society loses stability.


America is a good example. The number of lawyers per population in the United States is 20 times that of Japan. It is said that the number of psychological counselors is 50 or 60 times. A competitive society is that it becomes a society that needs such people in large quantities.


Many people think that “Communism is destroyed and capitalism has won”, but I think that even the current capitalism is full of defects. Because Communism was a dream story, it just happened to win.


Capitalism also has spectacular logic. Capitalist individuals strive to maximize profits according to their own personal interest. Then, it is led to “the invisible hand of God”, harmony of the whole is achieved, the whole society is enriched.


Recently it became “market fundamentalism”. It is most efficient if you leave it to the market, the state intervention should be as few as possible. If I exaggerate a little to say, we do not need a state to confine to the economy. It means that the state only needs to do diplomacy, military affairs, public security, etc.


The premise of market fundamentalism is “Let’s fight fair first”. Fighting fairly, those who bought take all of the profits. It is called “Winner takes all”.  It is a result of fair fighting so there is nothing wrong with it. It is OK for the winner to take it all. This is the logic.


However, this logic violates “cowardice” according to the Japanese “Bushido spirit”. It is a coward that big people fight against small people and win. It is cowardly that a strong person abuses a weak person. Bushido spirit teaches so. However, market fundamentalism does not care about such a thing.


As for the Bushido spirit, I will briefly explain it on another blog.


Bushido Spirit on Wikipedia



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  1. Hi, I just would like to let you know that the current consensus of economists is to finally agree that the invisible hand doesn’t exist. However it still taught in economics… I would like to share with you my favorite website about economics
    The service economy and especially the digital one has a zero marginal cost structure and is based on stardom and winner takes all after a bloody fight. The Bushido’s ethic seems to exist in order to mitigate power imbalances, which is the basis of an ethical and heatlhy society. Poor mental health is the natural outcome of extreme competition, as the stress coping ability of human beings comes from a delicate chemical balance. I won’t talk about the opioid epidemic in the States.

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