People Are “The Machine To Click”

click mouse

Your 1 click, 1 like, 1 RT on SNS are all used to make the famous more famous. You are being used to make strong people stronger. You are just ” the machine to click” so to speak.


Some people might think I shouldn’t be saying that much. But this is a fact. Because PV is the source of profit in every site.


The internet is an equally useful tool to everyone. “It is important what to say rather than who says it” I say. In other words, since the act of writing is equally given to everyone, isn’t this game equal? That’s what it means.


In fact, however, the strong people in the real world have become increasingly strong with the use of the net. The reason why celebrities are strong in the net world is that they have a track record of name recognition.


And the real world is not as much a competitive society as the world of the net. You can succeed if you have some kind of gut and brain. Even most celebrities who are called “former celebrities” and “people who are known only by few people” make a living(some of them can not live without having a part-time job though).


So normal people somehow do self-branding and say ” Let’s become a popular person in the real world!”  “Let’s make money!”  It is clearly more efficient to leave some achievements in real life beforehand and expose or advertise its achievements on the net rather than doing it hard.


Even if Japanese “the wealth gap” have expanded, there is a limit to the disparity in the real world. A company can not be established if the salary for the president was 100 million yen and 100 yen for most employees.


Ten times is the limit at most. If you line up the income of each renovation it should draw a gentle line. However, it is polarized into “Zero income” or “big money.” Those who clicks lose time and effort without getting any profit.


Such a thing can not be in the real world. You can get the appropriate amount of money if you work even if it’s not that much. It is realistic to know the structure and continue to click on it as entertainment or killing time.


I’d love to “Like” “Comment” “RT” in the real life. Of course I do it on the net when I find truly deep thoughts and that kind of stuff.  Or for someone I want to support.


As ABOUT THIS BLOG says, for instance, this blog is nothing to do with the monetary profit at all, and will never be. I make it clear that here is where I simply output my thoughts in each moment.


Nobody is asking me to say something, or I don’t need to care about anybody on Earth to write whatever I want to say.


Look at your own life and focus on it. Otherwise you’ll eventually regret that you lost the most important resource in life : time.


Thank you for reading.



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