School Is Not Where You Go To Study

It seems like people who teach how to get a good score are called “good teachers” now. It is unavoidable in this recent examination system. It is because the result has a big impact on life.


So what is “to study”?


Is it about know-how for test scores?


School is not where we come to study


Because of that people think that they will come to school to study, people misunderstand that studying has finished after school.


The place called school is a place to be taught methods and procedures to study. The real study is to do it for yourself for the rest of your life after school is over.


“Memory ability” is considered important in the way of the current test. But things you just tell them “Memorize!” can not be remembered so easily.


“Mixing zinc and sulfuric acid produces hydrogen. Alright, memorize it.”


Even in these science classes, proper teachers will first make students “make predictions” over an hour. Making the students remember the nature of zinc and sulfuric acid learned in the class so far and make them predict what will happen and what to do when mixing.


Once they think firmly, even if the result matches their expectations or is incorrect, it will be able to come into their head smoothly.


This is because it’s not “memorizing” but “understanding”.


In this way, teachers who have their own value standards for teaching are useful in various situations. It is one of the misfortunes of today’s children that few teachers have opportunities to face their own children and educational policy.



Thank you for reading.





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