How Do We Even Reduce Crime Without Educating People?

Adult education is an adult-oriented course that is open at local colleges and community centers. Basic courses such as English and mathematics are from the beginning to the high school level.


There are far more number-blinds in the UK than illiteracy. One in three people can not even subtract and add two digits.


How much is the 25% discount off 1000 yen? Which is cold, minus 2 degrees and minus 10 degrees? Which is cheaper for three apples of 200 yen and two apples of 150 yen per piece? This super easy stuff for Japanese is a challenge for most people there.


You can qualify for courses taught special skills and cultural arts such as nurses, social workers, photography engineers, automobile mechanics, paintings. A variety of people, such as those who wanted to learn from years after going to university, etc for a variety of reasons in their teens or preparing for a new career after retirement, will participate.


According to the old Guardian newspaper, this proud adult education is in danger. In the last few years, the budget has been reduced by 40% and then further reduced by 24%.


If that happens, there will be a hopeless disparity between the few people who advanced to higher education in their teens and the rest of the people who lost opportunities to try again.


The class society will be further fixed and the economy will stagnate. Terrorism and crime by unsatisfied social low-risers will increase.


Statistics show that there are now 85,388 prisoners in the UK in 2006, but three-quarters of prisoners can not even read and write or even calculate sixth graders do at elementary school.


Even after finishing the sentence, they can not find a job due to a lack of basic academic ability, mostly returning to the original due to recidivism. It costs about 40 million yen per year for such a person.


In Britain, the “terrorism and war” budget and the adult education budget are about the same amount.


It is, of course,  better to create people and societies who do not commit crimes in the first place than to crack down on terrorism and crime or to punish prisons.



This is not SEP for Japan


In Japan, the national university budget, which was originally the lowest class among developed countries by the ratio of GDP, has been decreasing for the past 10 years.


At the national university which is the main force of Japanese scientific research, teachers and research expenses continue to decrease, screaming that regional universities can not do even research.


Some people argue that Japan’s winners in the Nobel natural science department since 2000 are the second in the world after America. It is important to note that the research of these winners is a result of until 20 years ago.


Adult education is necessary because it is Japan with long-living people, but they leave it to the private sector.


A political official first cuts down the education budget if finances are severe. Unlike Nippon Keidanren(Japan Federation of Economic Organizations), Medical Association, etc., the education industry is the weakest so it will be easy to handle.



Either the company, any organization, nation, eventually everything is determined by the people who construct it. How can we make a strong nation in the economy, culture, academy, defense, etc. unless we train humans?




Only taking short views and using foolish measures of cutting education expenses should be definitely avoided. But every country does it so easily without thinking about it.



Thank you for reading.






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